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What is Streetwear? What They Don't Want to Tell You

by Michelle Griffin on January 19, 2023

streetwear clothing

Streetwear clothing is extremely popular in modern times. However, explicitly describing what streetwear is can be a bit tricky. It’s an ever-evolving phenomenon that people of all ages, genders and backgrounds enjoy.

Even though streetwear doesn’t have many defined ‘rules,’ certain factors still set it apart from standard fashion trends that burn out or change over the years. Streetwear is here, it’s been here for years, and it’ll undoubtedly be here for many years to come.

People who are interested in this type of clothing but don’t know much about it may become intimidated when they try to come up with their own outfits. Are there guidelines that you should follow? What if you do it wrong? How do you know when you’re successfully wearing streetwear clothing?

In this informative article, we will go over the following:

  • Where streetwear comes from.
  • How people wear streetwear today.
  • How you can enjoy this wonderful clothing subculture today.

The Origins Of Streetwear

Despite the fact that it’s regularly enjoyed by modern people today, you may be surprised to learn that streetwear-style clothing has been around for around four decades. The easy-going style and feel of streetwear originate in the surfing, skateboarding and hip-hop subcultures in places like Los Angeles.

Yes, fashion doesn’t have to be all about high price tags and expensive materials. Anything from casual sweatpants to your favourite old jacket can be stylish and trendy if you wear them right and pair them with the right clothes.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that streetwear clothing has stayed the same since its origin. Streetwear is a subculture that’s been evolving ever since the 1970s. And, it’ll probably evolve even more in the future.

However, the original laid-back feeling of streetwear will probably never change. Wearers often use streetwear to show off parts of their creative personality and unique style through their clothing. If you look for photos of streetwear looks online, you will find thousands of unique individuals trying out new outfits and showing off their favourite customised clothing.

How Streetwear Is Enjoyed Today

Currently, all sorts of streetwear clothing are enjoyed all around the world in thousands of different ways. If you travel to any modern city in the world, you’ll most likely see people sporting their favourite streetwear brands and looks.

Today, streetwear has many special attributes that set it apart from many other trends. Such as:

There Aren’t Really Any Rules. You might wonder, ‘if streetwear is so unique, what rules do I have to follow to wear streetwear myself?’ This is a rather difficult question to answer because streetwear typically doesn’t have rules.

There are no strict rules to how you have to wear things, and more often than not, there’s not much that can ‘disqualify’ you as a streetwear enthusiast. While some trends and styles are very popular, you should be free to try out new looks without fearing what people think.

Streetwear Is Casually Fashionable. When some people think of fashion, they picture outrageously-priced dresses and custom-tailored suits. But streetwear clothing is beautiful in a casual way. Beautifully-patterned hoodies, branded tees and the latest kicks have a sense of modern style that can’t quite be captured by an expensive dress.

Part of streetwear is bringing out the beauty in average clothing you see all the time. Whether athleisure, workwear, plain-coloured clothes or branded shirts - if you like it, you can make an outfit from it.

Certain Brands Are More Sought After In The Streetwear Community. Although nearly anything can be used in a streetwear outfit, certain brands are considering more streetwear than others. Streetwear enthusiasts frequently enjoy brands like Nike, Quiksilver, Fox, Billabong, Vans and more.

Although, this does not mean that you should feel the need to only wear these streetwear brands. This only means that certain brands tend to carry more notoriety than others.

Streetwear Can Be Enjoyed By Anyone. Some may think this modern, fashionable clothing trend is only for the young, the rich and the famous. But this isn’t the case for streetwear at all. Anyone of any gender, race, age, career or monetary status can have fun looking incredible in their favourite streetwear clothing.

The lines between age, gender and more are often blurred when people enjoy streetwear. You’ll often see men and women wearing the same kinds of clothing and loving their looks.

This is part of the reason why streetwear is so important to so many people - it’s not about staying in the box that society often tells you you must stay in; it’s about expressing yourself as a worthwhile individual.

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