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The Eco-Friendly Side of Crocs: Sustainable Materials and Recycling Initiatives

by Michelle Griffin on July 01, 2024

Crocs are well known worldwide for being quirky, comfortable shoes. They’re a go-to choice for countless people in New Zealand, and there’s so much to love about them.

But aside from comfort and versatile aesthetics, there’s something else about these iconic clogs that makes them an important step towards green fashion - their eco-friendliness. This brand doesn’t just care about making easy-to-wear shoes for all ages; they also deeply care about sustainability and environmental responsibility. 

Beyond Looks: The Sustainable Materials Of Crocs

The materials used to create our clothing, accessories and footwear are very important. Not only do high-quality materials contribute to wonderful aesthetics and hardy durability, but they also affect whether or not our shoes are sustainable.

So, people who love their fun clogs will be happy to know that these modern shoes are made from eco-friendly materials. These shoes are made from a unique, sustainable foam called Croslite. Croslite is a proprietary closed-cell resin material that’s very lightweight, so each pair of Crocs feels light and comfy without being fragile. 

Furthermore, due to their sleek, unique design, Crocs typically use much less raw materials than many other kinds of shoes. So essentially, they use amazing eco-friendly materials and they use those materials efficiently. 

Croslite is also free from harmful toxic chemicals and is surprisingly durable when compared to other common materials. This means that these iconic clogs have an impressively long life span. Along with their comfortable nature and the fact that their simple yet appealing design makes them easy to use with countless outfits, their durability means you can wear and enjoy your favourite pair for many years.

A long lifespan isn’t just convenient; it’s also eco-friendly. Long-lasting products mean less clothing, accessories and shoes are getting thrown away, which means there’s less waste in the world and less demand for new products to be manufactured. 

People who care about animal welfare will be thrilled to learn that these clogs are a 100% vegan product. These shoes do not use animal products and instead use impressive materials like Croslite, helping the company - and their loyal supporters - stick to their morals without sacrificing a hint of quality.

Crocs’ Broader Environmental Commitments

Using efficient designs and sustainable materials is an impressive, important step in the right direction - but this brand doesn’t just stop there. This popular footwear brand is actively working towards more comprehensive environmental goals, including reducing their carbon footprint and increasing energy efficiency:

Fully Carbon Neutral By 2030. This beloved brand has set an ambitious goal to become a net-zero company by 2030. Their process involves implementing various strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across their entire value chain. Hopefully, other big brands will follow their lead and make changes to their own processes to reduce their impact. 

Energy Efficiency And Renewable Energy. Crocs has also strived to invest in energy efficiency improvements, as well as increasing their use of renewable energy sources. These significant choices can reduce energy consumption and optimise their manufacturing process at the same time.

A Few Tips For Loyal Customers: Making Sustainable Choices In Your Life

While big brands are doing their part, it’s also important for consumers to contribute to a more sustainable society. While it’s a challenge for one person to change the world on their own, if we all work together, we can truly make a difference. 

Where can you start? Making changes doesn’t have to be difficult; here are a few things you can do:

  • Recycle Your Old Crocs. Search for programs that help you recycle your old clogs, as well as other items of clothing or shoes that you no longer want. Old items made from recyclable materials can often be recycled. Or, items still in good condition can be cleaned up and donated to others who could put them to good use. 
  • Invest In Quality. Be sure you invest in quality, rather than settling for quantity. While cheaper clothes may be tempting, fast fashion products are often made from low-quality materials that get damaged easily. They most likely will need to be thrown away and replaced sooner rather than later. 
  • Support Sustainable Brands. Choose to support companies that are committed to sustainability and ethical practices. Before buying anything, look at how those goods were made.
  • Educate Yourself. Ignorance may be bliss, but it’s not exactly the best for the world or your life. Stay informed about the impact of your purchases by doing your own research. Look at reputable sources online and ask important questions like ‘What’s the impact of my lifestyle? Can I be better for myself and the planet?’ 

Staying Sustainable And Stylish With Crocs

Now that you know a bit more about this beloved company, you can feel even better when you sport your favourite clogs. Are you searching for a new pair or perhaps some fun Jibbitz to accessorise with? Just head over to our online store at Westside Surf + Street, we have plenty for you to look through.

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