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The 16 Biggest Streetwear Trends So Far In 2023

by Michelle Griffin on November 28, 2023
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In the ever-changing world of streetwear clothing, it's hard to know what trends to look forward to in NZ. What's going to be the next big thing? What can you do in 2023 to stay on top of the trends? A big part of streetwear is finding the hottest new trends and adapting them to your personal style. 

We're barely halfway into 2023, but there have already been heaps of chic and interesting streetwear trends. You'll most likely see lots of passionate streetwear enthusiasts sporting the trends listed in this article for the rest of 2023 and beyond. 

Plus, you might find something you adore, too! Read on to learn about the looks embraced by the streetwear subculture in 2023.

The Top 2023 Streetwear Trends To Watch (And Try!)

You're thinking about upping your NZ streetwear game in 2023; what should you think about? Join heaps of others and become invested in:

  1. Cargo Pants. Cargo pants are nothing new, but the way they're being worn in 2023 might not be what you're used to - long cargo pants covered in numerous pockets are very in right now. They're not limited to the typical browns, khakis and greens, except to see long cargo pants in all colours of the rainbow.
  1. Long Skirts. Skirts have always been fashionable, but now long skirts are taking centre stage. Long skirts have been more popular lately and are a common choice for fashion-forward individuals who wear dresses and skirts. 
  1. Varsity Jackets. These aren't the standard varsity jackets you might be used to in the NZ streetwear clothing world! Clever designers and brands have been taking this classic preppy look and mixing it up with different styles, clothing types and even accessories.
  1. Bra Tops. Bra tops have been a common sight in 2023, and people are enjoying this look everywhere. You can also use jackets, outerwear and high-waisted bottoms to make your ensemble more modest while still looking stylish. 
  1. Fleece Jackets. Fleece tops are a great practical choice for the colder months, but they've also been making waves in the fashion industry. Look for fleece tops with interesting designs and colours. 
  1. Bold Textures. Why not go a little crazy? Playing with unique textures and colours can really make you stand out; the wilder, the better! 
  1. Football Jerseys. Football is a sport that's enthusiastically played and loved worldwide, and this influence has found its place in the fashion industry. Top streetwear brands have collaborated with sportswear brands to create fashion-forward football jerseys.
  1. Oversized Clothing. Oversized clothing continues to be popular with NZ streetwear clothing. Think about big jackets and high-waisted pants with wide legs. Whatever you choose for this type of look, think big! 
  1. Unique Blazers. We're all used to the standard black or blue blazers that are everywhere, but what about something more unique? Blazers with incredible patterns, colours and textures are hot right now. 
  1. Sheer Tops. These semi-transparent tops can add some mystery to any outfit. They can be worn over revealing tops to make your look more modest.
  1. Vibrant Colours. Looks that are desaturated, all-black or made of greys and whites are common, but what about bold colours? Bright, incredible colours can be used brilliantly to create outfits that are unbelievably eye-catching for all the right reasons. 
  1. Statement Stripes. Every season, a certain type of pattern becomes popular, and it seems that bold statement stripes will be big in 2023. You can find defiant, colourful horizontal stripes on shirts, jackets, dresses, skirts and more. 
  1. Knee-High Boots. Who doesn't love a chic pair of boots? Knee-high boots can help you strut your stuff. 
  1. Denim, And More Denim! Denim! It's been popular for decades, and that's not going to stop anytime soon. You can get denim apparel for basically any part of your look. Denim jeans, jackets, skirts and more with interesting designs and patterns are popular in 2023. We're not just talking about blue jeans, either. You can find denim clothing in many different colours and looks, clean or distressed, vintage-inspired or new. 
  1. Overshirts. Overshirts and other types of lighter outerwear are very stylish, which is good because they're a smart choice if the weather outside isn't quite chilly enough for a big jacket but isn't warm enough to go without layers. Your NZ streetwear clothing game doesn't have to be purely about fashion; stay comfy with outerwear.
  1. Daring Patterns. Daring Patterns. Along with vibrant colours, bold patterns are also on the rise. Try to find a balance between using your favourite designs too much or too little.

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