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Crocs for Every Season: Versatile Styling Ideas for Casual and Chic Looks

by Michelle Griffin on May 27, 2024

Crocs are shockingly versatile when creating different outfits for nearly any occasion. Their simple yet ultra-comfy design means they fit with many different looks, clothes, styles and accessories. Although these iconic shoes can be very polarising, regardless of how you feel about them or your style, you’ll undoubtedly find at least one look you like. 

The versatility of these popular clogs comes from their minimalistic design. They’re not so complex that they clash with casual clothes, but they’re also not so boring that they’re a chore to dress up. Instead, they find that perfect balance between being interesting and being cosily casual. Plus, they’re comfy! So you won’t have to worry about walking around in stylish yet uncomfortable footwear all day.

Stylish And Fun Ways To Strut Your Stuff In Your Favourite Clogs

We all know that this footwear is versatile, but when you have something that goes with nearly everything, knowing where to start can be a challenge. What are some outfits you could try with your own favourite set of clogs? 

Casual Weekend Vibes. For an ultra-casual, ultra-relaxed mood, pair your classic Crocs with distressed denim shorts and a chill graphic tee for a look that says, ‘I still look good, even when I’m fully dressed for comfort.’ Top things off with a lightweight jacket or extra layer and add accessories, like a hat or jewellery, to create a complete look. 

This outfit is perfect for nearly any casual occasion, as you can look modern and stylish without too much effort.

Festival Chic. For an ensemble that’s a bit more sophisticated, embrace the bohemian spirit of spring by teaming your favourite Crocs with a flowy maxi dress or a light and breezy shirt. Choose a bottom with lighter spring colours, like soothing warm greens and yellows, and accessorise with tasteful jewellery or sunglasses. 

Mix Up Your Textures. These iconic clogs have a very recognisable and unique texture. Their soft feel makes them comfy and appealing, but it also makes them the perfect candidate for outfits that play around with textures. Consider different materials and textures like leather, nylon and cotton to contrast your soft Crocs. Then, you can add even more texture with metallic jewellery or other accessories. 

Beach Day Essentials. If there’s one thing that outdoorsy Kiwis love, it’s a sunny day at the beach. Slip into your clogs for a day of sun and fun and pair them with a nice swimsuit cover-up, a light button-up shirt or a flowy beach dress for an attractive but laid-back look. Accessories like a large sun hat, bold sunglasses or an oversized tote bag are perfect for adding a little extra touch of practical glamour. 

Poolside Chic. Stay chill and chic even when poolside by pairing your clogs with a trendy one-piece swimsuit, high-waisted bikini or fashionable boardshorts. A lightweight top is perfect for adding some coverage, comfort and style for when you're not in the water. Oversized sunglasses and a sun hat can be added for extra class, while giving you some nice sun protection. 

Get Outdoorsy. Explore the beautiful outdoors in style and comfort by pairing your Crocs with durable leggings, a cosy plaid flannel shirt and a puffer vest. A practical backpack can be used to store essentials like water, some food, your phone and anything else you need for your adventure. While these clogs aren’t the best for very long walks or rugged hikes, they’re a suitable choice for shorter journeys or for chill camping trips.

Sleek City Chic. When winter comes around, stay chill and cosy by wearing your Crocs with comfy skinny jeans, a warm coat and a toasty scarf. A light beanie, extra layers and stylish gloves can add some cosiness and warmth if you need it. 

Athleisure Cool. Embrace the ever-popular athleisure trend by wearing your clogs with leggings or sweatpants, a sporty tank top and a cool, lightweight bomber jacket. A sporty cap and a backpack can be added for a functional look that’s perfect for running errands or heading to the gym.

Finding Your New Favourite Crocs Outfit

Really, with this beloved brand, the possibilities are endless. Play around with your favourite clogs, tops, bottoms, accessories and more to see what unique combinations you come up with. For inspiration, head online to look at what other streetwear enthusiasts are doing with their clogs.

Or, you can see what you can do with your imagination alone - head over to our Crocs section at Westside Surf + Street to see what we have and brainstorm what kind of incredible outfits you might wear with these. If you need something fresh to wear with your new clogs, we have plenty of options from popular brands like Nike, Thrasher, Huffer and more. 

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