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9 Surfing Safety Tips Every Rider Should Follow

by Michelle Griffin on October 05, 2022

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Visiting your favourite NZ surf shop and then heading out for a fun day of surfing is something that many New Zealanders enjoy doing. Surfing is a great way to stay connected to the ocean and have a good time. Although, like any other high-energy sport, surfing can also be dangerous if you don’t act correctly and prepare.

Surfers who are careless, destructive or don’t train correctly could end up injured or worse. Therefore, knowing the proper safety measures and tips is essential for any surfer who wants to have fun but who also wants to stay safe and secure.

This article will cover a few crucial safety tips that every intelligent surfer should know. If you want to minimise injuries and maximise your results, make sure you read on!

9 Safety Tips You Should Know Before Surfing

Buying your gear from a reputable NZ surf shop and training well are things that every New Zealand surfer knows to do, but there are a few tips on this list that may have slipped your mind. Once you’ve learned about it, you should try to remember to keep it in mind whenever you go out to surf.

Nine crucial safety tips that every surfer should follow are:

1. Check The Weather Before You Go. Because you surf outside, the weather will play a big part in your outing. If you head out to your favourite surf spot, only to find that it’s storming, you’re going to head home disappointed. So, always check up on weather reports before you leave.

2. Always Buy Your Gear From Good Sellers. Using poor equipment from untrustworthy NZ surf shops can come back to bite you. Low-quality equipment can break while you’re using it - maybe even when you’re out on the water. So, make sure you always purchase your surf gear from dependable sellers who have your safety in mind.

3. Learn From Professionals. You might be tempted to rely on online tutorials or written guides. But, you should definitely avoid this option and instead learn from professional surf coaches and attend surfing lessons. Nothing can replace hands-on experience, and a good coach will evaluate your progress and help you improve.

4. Familiarise Yourself With The Location. If you’re going to a place that you’ve been to many times before, you probably already know the details of the location. Suppose you learned of a new place while going to your favourite NZ surf shop or from a friend, in that case, you wouldn’t be familiar with the place’s layout. It would be best if you were always extra careful whenever visiting a new location because there could be rocks or obstacles in areas that could trip you up.

5. Never Go Alone. The ocean is beautiful, but it’s also dangerous. Always go surfing with a buddy who can help you out in a pinch. Even if you’re an experienced surfer, sometimes there are circumstances that you cannot get out of alone.

6. Use Appropriate Equipment. Different kinds of boards and accessories are better suited for different kinds of surfers. Always ensure you are using equipment that’s right for you and your skill level. If you go to an NZ surf shop, take the time to look through your options instead of grabbing the first thing you see.

7. Bring Your Phone Or Have Access To One. You should always have a line to the outside world when you go out. Having a phone, or access to one, can help you if you need a quick ride home or if you need to contact anyone for any reason.

8. Always Let Someone Know Where You’re Going. One of the most significant safety tips that anyone going anywhere should follow is to always let someone know where you’re going. Whether you’re going surfing, hiking, out on a quick trip or even going to an NZ surf shop, always ensure that at least one person knows where you went. This way they’ll know something’s wrong if you take too long to get back.

9. Stay Hydrated. An often overlooked safety tip is staying hydrated. Your body needs water to stay functional and healthy, especially when you are exercising. It’s recommended that you have a personal refillable water bottle on you whenever you work out.

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